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    Open today 10–11 a.m. members | 11 a.m.–6 p.m. public. Learn more.

    Two adults face away from the viewer looking at a large abstract painting, Francis Picabia's "Edtaonisl (Ecclesiastic)," 1913.



    We’re now open and thrilled to welcome you back to the galleries once again. As you plan your visit, please acquaint yourself with our hours and visiting policies below.

    Two adults face away from the viewer looking at a large abstract painting, Francis Picabia's "Edtaonisl (Ecclesiastic)," 1913.

    Francis Picabia. Edtaonisl (Ecclesiastic), 1913. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Armand Bartos. ? 2020 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris.

    Monday 10–11 a.m. 11 a.m.–6 p.m.
    Closed Closed
    10–11 a.m. 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

    博物館の開館時間は毎日AM10:30–PM5:00、木曜日のみPM 8:00までです。


    • Face coverings worn over the nose and mouth are required for your entire museum visit.
    • A six-foot distance must be maintained from those not part of your visiting group.
    • Advance ticket purchase is required for the public. Members do not need to reserve tickets.
    • Anyone feeling unwell should postpone their visit for another time.
    • Our checkrooms are currently closed. Pack light, and remember some items—including large bags, backpacks, shopping bags, and food—are not allowed in the galleries.
    • Our amenities are temporarily limited: all restaurants, valet service, the Member Lounge, the libraries, and the Ryan Learning Center are currently unavailable.
    • Some galleries may have limited capacity or be temporarily closed.
    • Be mindful to follow directional signage, including designated entrances and exits.
    • The Monet and Bisa Butler exhibitions have virtual lines. Check in at the exhibition entrances to reserve your spot in line.

    Museum Capacity

    In accordance with city guidelines, the museum is operating at 25% capacity. To help you plan your visit, this chart illustrates the museum's popular times.

    Please also note that some exhibitions, including Monet and Chicago, have virtual lines to limit capacity in those spaces. Visit the exhibition pages to learn more and see wait times.


      一般入場券   博物館と館內ショップは感謝祭、クリスマス、元日に閉館日します。 シカゴ市民   シカゴ市民である証明書-ID(コピー不可)、契約書、請求書、あるいは他の郵便物が必要です。 イリノイ州住民   イリノイ州住民である証明書-ID(コピー不可)、契約書、請求書、あるいは他の郵便物が必要です。 優先パス   優先パスがあれば、エントランスでの優先入場、あるいはチケットの必要な特別展示への優先アクセスが可能になります。
    成人 $25 $20 $22 $35
    シニア (65+) $19 $14 $16 $29
    學生 $19 $14 $16 $29
    ティーン  (14–17) $19 無料 $16 $29
    14 歳未満のお子さま 無料

    シカゴ美術館では、14歳未満のお子さま、シカゴ市民である18歳未満のお子さま、LinkカードとWICカード保持者、現役軍人、イリノイ州の教師は毎日無料で入場できます 。さらに詳しく

    Example questions


    Two visitors, one in a wheelchair, explore the Modern Wing

    The Art Institute of Chicago welcomes all visitors and is committed to making its services accessible to everyone. We offer a range of resources for both adults and children with disabilities.

    Learn more about accessibility


    シカコ?美術館はシカコ?の中心部-ミレニアムハ?ークの向い、ミシカ?ン湖のすく?近く-に あり、エントランスは二か所に設けられています。

    Map showing the Art Institute of Chicago's location within Chicago


    111 South Michigan Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60603


    159 East Monroe Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60603

    Ways to Explore

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